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Job Title: Deputy Head of School Reports to Head of School

Location: Kigutu, Burundi

Organization Background

KIA is an ambitious initiative of Village Health Works (VHW) an NGO founded in 2005 in Burundi and is a secondary boarding school created to educate a new generation of ethical and entrepreneurial young leaders in Burundi.

The students are at the core of their transformative education at KIA. The school recruits to identify and select the most promising students throughout all of Burundi. Those selected have demonstrated not only succeed academically but have also shown leadership and commitment to improving their schools and their communities.

KIA brings together this cohort of students from a diverse range of backgrounds for a powerful educational and leadership journey over four years. Competencies and skills such as critical thinking and character development are intentionally folded into a sustained high level of academic achievement.

KIA helps these young students to reinvent what is possible in a progressive and intentional sequence throughout their four years of secondary school and their further careers.

One of KIA’s missions is to serve as a model school to help reinforce and enrich the Burundian educational system. In doing so it also prepares the KIA graduates for success in universities within the East African community, within central Africa and Internationally.

Curriculum and Instruction

KIA’s curriculum emphasizes Math, Science and Technology, as well as English language, Entrepreneurship, and Leadership. Computer technology is widely available and a STEM / Maker space and modern science laboratory will be part of KIA’s expansion. During the second to the fourth year at KIA, students follow the rigorous Burundian study program offering courses in the scientific section

B. Students are trained to be very competitive when taking the National Exam (EXETAT) but also they benefit from additional academic support which prepares them to apply for admission to several French-speaking and English-speaking international universities. For this, KIA students will be prepared to take the TOEFL and SATs during the last year of their academic course.

English: KIA focuses attention on the teaching of English, with an intensive program that prepares students to speak English from the day they arrive in Kigutu. They also study French and Swahili to acquire enough language skills necessary to navigate the East Africa Community like other young leaders of the Region.

Entrepreneurial Leadership (EL): KIA offers an Entrepreneurial Leadership course that includes elements of human-centred design, the development of problem-solving skills, and practical leadership lessons.

Students gain hands-on experience as entrepreneurs, starting and running small businesses in the local agribusiness and service industries around Kigutu.

21st Century Skills: KIA is relentlessly focused on building the skills needed to succeed in a complex and changing modern world, including collaboration, communication, critical thinking and creativity.

To this end, KIA wishes to recruit a Deputy Head of School in charge of studies with the skills and qualifications necessary to assume the following roles and responsibilities:

1. Roles:

 The Deputy Head of School is mainly responsible for schooling and all that relates to the field of teaching, its development, its organization, and its evaluation. He/She attends meetings, class councils and teachers’ deliberations. To carry out these activities, the Deputy Head of School plans and coordinates academic activities, and supervises and evaluates the work of teachers.

 They assist and deputise for the Head of School to direct and maintain strategy and the agreed vision of the school and ensure that the vision is shared and understood

 He/ She assists to create and attain agreed objectives and operational plans to achieve improvement.

 He/She contributes to the proper functioning of the school and participates in the promotion of partnerships to facilitate its growth and ascendancy.

 The Deputy Head of School performs daily administrative tasks related to students, the school programs and teachers.

 He/She prepares periodic reports on educational activities, school programs, student performances and KIA activities,

 He/She assists teachers in developing goals (in terms of teaching, research and service) and submits annual reports that identify opportunities for improvement that would help teachers achieve better their objectives and improve the quality and overall functioning of the school.

 In collaboration with teachers, he/she organizes various student clubs and associations within the school.

2. Responsibilities:

 Promote an innovative, participatory, and critical approach to curriculum design and teaching delivery

 Managing lessons (planning, organization, control and evaluation)

 Managing teachers (recruitment, monitoring, development and evaluation)

 Working on the development, supervision and control of the students’ timetable

 Organizing the supervised homework and exams

 Managing the exam program, exam copies, grades and report cards

 Organizing the class councils

 Supervise the teaching tips

 Actively contribute to the development of partnerships with the economic and social layers at the local and national level

 Get personally involved in promoting the school and in actions that contribute to its attractiveness to the public

 Organizing the educational life of the school

 Ensure a high quality of services offered to students

 Ensure the students’ discipline

 Ensure the availability of teaching aids for students and teachers

 Promote initiatives to improve the efficiency and quality of teaching

3. Competencies /Skills:

A) Know-how to be:

• Relational spirit and sense of teamwork

• Synthesis capacity

• Listening skills

• Availability and responsiveness

• Adaptability and autonomy

• Organization and rigour

• Opening of the Spirit

• Confidentiality

B) Know-how (unrivalled expertise):

• Ability to organize, supervise and lead a team

• Ability to initiate and execute projects in the teaching and management of the curriculum and extra-curricular activities

• Ability to interact with different partners

• Ability to master written and oral communication techniques

• Ability to manage conflict situations and make arbitrations

• Demonstrate an interest (and if possible a mastery) in modern computer techniques and methods to support teaching.

4. Minimum qualifications:

 Be a teacher by profession

 Have a Master’s degree or equivalent

 5 years minimum experience in a management position within the framework of education.

 Be highly motivated, involved and committed to a very high quality of education

5. Other requirements:

• Be willing to live in Kigutu full time during the school year

• Comply with Village Health Works staff regulations in general and KIA in particular

Salary and Benefits

Competitive salary, commensurate with experience.

How to apply

Qualified candidates are encouraged to submit a CV and a thoughtful cover letter outlining why this position is of interest, exactly how your experience matches the qualifications stated and what you believe differentiates you from other candidates. Additionally, please provide the salary range you are seeking. Submissions without cover letters and salary requirements will not be considered.

Submissions should be in English and sent to: [email protected]. Please include

“Deputy Head of School – Burundi” in the subject line of your email.

Company: Casameza

Vacancy Type: Full Time 

Job Location:  Bururi, Burundi

Application Deadline: N/A

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